Get to know home protection insurance and how to choose it

Building a house is indeed a thing that does not escape various risks. One risk that haunts homeowners is the risk of fire. Moreover, if a house is located in a densely populated environment such as the city of Jakarta, the risk of fire is certainly greater than that of a sparsely populated area.

According to data from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Fire and Rescue Agency, from year to year Jakarta has experienced an increase in the number of burned property. To overcome citizen unrest, some property insurance such as home protection insurance were issued. The purpose of this insurance is to compensate for losses suffered by residents who have been hit by a fire accident and have been registered in the insurance claim.

Here are two ways to choose the best Home Insurance:

Do a comparison
You should have as many choices as possible, so it’s easy to make comparisons about home insurance product providers. The purpose of the comparison is to be able to make the best decision by comparing the costs and benefits of various types of home insurance companies.

To save time and costs of comparison, it’s best to do an online comparison. Even you can directly apply for home insurance or do a free consultation online.

Know Guarantee
By having a lot of choices in making comparisons, you can find out what protection each product has for your chosen insurance company. For example the risk of fire that occurs due to various things, such as short circuit, short circuit, lightning strikes, plane crashes, explosions, or riots.

Ask how the insurance company views this risk, so you will be more clear about which risks are guaranteed by the insurance company, because what risks are guaranteed, and what risks are not guaranteed. By knowing the clarity at the beginning of the agreement, you will not make a wrong decision.

Many people make home protection insurance to protect against losses caused by the disasters that occur in their homes. But there are some things that you need to pay attention to in making this insurance. Insurance is not a protective deity who will replace all the losses you experience. Insurance only lightens your burden, there are even some insurers who spend a little money and may not at all be able to alleviate the losses that you suffer. This can happen because of several things such as the amount of premium or the cause of fire. Tips for choosing the right insurance product above can be an important consideration for homeowners before making a decision to join a home insurance program.